Heating a house costs money. Sad but true. So we thought we’d break down some ways to make your money go that little bit further…

It goes without saying that when you use your boiler to generate heat for your home you are burning through money – if you follow a few simple tips you can keep your home warm while looking to minimise the cost while also saving energy (let’s remember it is not always about money but our lovely planet too!).


  • Heating on a timer or are you keeping it on a low heat all the time?


One of our most asked questions, is it more cost effective to leave the leaving on low all the time or set it to come on when you need it? By having the heating on low all day you are using more energy and in turn more gas. We recommend that you set the timer on your boiler for the common times when you’re at home – usually in the morning for when everyone is getting up and in the evening.


  • Use the valves on your radiators to vary temperature by room


You can control the temperature by the thermostat on your boiler or by the valves on your radiators. Using the thermostat to control the heat will keep you house at an even temperature, however it is more cost efficient to heat the rooms that you use daily. A great example of this would be if you have a spare bedroom, you could keep this on a low temperature unless this is being occupied.



  • Bleed your radiators regularly!


‘Bleeding radiators’ is when you let out air that has become trapped inside your system. Air bubbles can causes radiators to have cold spots, which can reduce the efficiency of your central heating. You can bleed your radiators yourself, and it can vastly improve the efficiency of your entire heating system all while saving you money on your gas bills!



  • Heating just one room!


If everyone is using one room, such as the living room it may be more efficient to just heat that room rather than the whole house. We would not advise using things such as electric fires as they can be expensive to run so it wouldn’t make sense to do that, if you have a heat source such as a gas fire or wood burner this would work for you.



  • Keep your doors and curtains closed


It goes without saying that wasted energy is wasted money, by taking simple steps to stop heat from leaking out you can keep your home warm while saving money. Simple things like keeping your internal doors and curtains closed can make a difference, you can even get thermal curtains that are made for this very thing!


The most effective way to heat your home is with an energy efficient boiler and keep it running well throughout the year by having an annual service. If you think that your boiler may not be running efficiently then give us a call on 01514829519 and we can arrange for one of our Gas safe engineers to come to your property so we can provide the best course of action to make your heating more efficient.

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