Repair or Replace?

Boiler on the blink? Whens it time to fix up or swap out?

Having your boiler break down is never fun, especially when it is cold and wintery. This is truer when you are unsure if your boiler can be repaired or if you are going to have to get it replaced all together.

CBQ always advise that you look to get the most out of your boiler, for both financial reasons and also as we need to all be more conscious of the waste and carbon footprint we create on the plant. There are many occasions in which your boiler can be repaired quickly giving you’re a simple solution to having a warm and well heated home relatively quickly. However, sometimes replacing your tired old boiler with a new more efficient model can be the best course of action.

Safety always comes first!

If you boiler is old it may not meet the modern guidelines and laws for boiler safety regulations. A professional gas engineer is best to consult to make sure that the boiler is safe, while also checking if the boiler can be repaired. Sometimes the boiler can be fixed, however it may still be unsafe and potentially prone to future problems.

Unsafe faulty boilers run the risk of producing carbon monoxide – therefore it is important that you consult an accredited Gas engineer to check/complete repairs to your boiler.

Could you make savings with a more efficient boiler?

If your boiler can be fixed it may be back up and running but not at optimum efficiency. You may be able to save your household money in the long run by installing a boiler that is more efficient. Rather than paying for ongoing repairs, it is always worth considering whether or not it may be a better option to replace your boiler and make efficiency savings. NEW efficient boilers can heat your hours quicker and do an all-round better job of keeping your home warm through the long winter months.

Remember, if you already have a modern boiler model that has been fitted within the past 5 years then it will more than likely be worth re-visiting your guarantee and speaking with them regarding getting your boiler back into working order quickly!

What is the cost of the repair?

It is always hard to put a cost on a repair without a full analysis of the boiler in questions. For some older boilers the cost of repair may be significantly higher as replacement boiler parts are no longer readily available in the market. Also, bear in mind that over time the cost of parts will only increase for an older boiler as parts become more difficult for gas engineers to source.

If the cost of repairing the boiler is relatively low then this may be the best choice for you to get your boiler back up and running.

How likely is it to breakdown again?

Boiler breakdowns many things, time consuming, costly and normally always at the worst possible time! If your boiler is constantly on the brink of breaking, then replacing it with a new boiler might be your best option.

Frequent breakdowns can be stressful, particularly in the winter – when you get an old boiler part replaced that is never a guarantee that the problem is solved as there can sometimes be a knock on effect of work taking place inside the boiler.

If your boiler has been having its summer break (and what a summer break it has had!!) then the first few days of it being back on you might find some niggles – this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a new boiler straight away, it may not be a serious issue but CBQ would always recommend getting it checked by a qualified gas engineer.

Future proofing your boiler

It is important that you think of any future costs for your boiler. Think about how much longer it is likely to last and what the cost of running this will be if in efficient. According to Energy Saving Trust your heating accounts for 55% of your yearly energy bills – that is a lot of money that you could literally be burning through this coming winter with an inefficient boiler

So what is best to do if you have a faulty boiler?

You are always best getting in touch with a local gas engineer to assess your boiler, you can then look at if this is the most cost effective and efficient way for you to get your heating back up.

You can always give our friendly customer service team a call on 0330 043 4319 and they will arrange a time and date that suits you for an analysis of your boiler. CBQ engineers always give you the options available, it that is a repair or replace and if so how we can help you spread the cost of your new boiler if needed. 

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