What are the most common boiler problems in winter?

Broken Boiler? What are the most common boiler problems, especially in winter…

Let’s be honest, we don’t really tend to give our central heating system much thought until it stops working. With the cold winter months around the corner and the temperature about to start plummeting  you need to ensure that your boiler is working and ready to get you through the winter. So we breakdown some of the most common boiler faults for you.

Having been inactive for long periods of time through the summer, boilers are prone to breaking down during the autumn periods when households begin to turn them back on . This can result in expensive call out fees and having to wait in line to get your boiler fixed, living without heating and hot water is never fun!

Common boiler problems

There are several common problems that your boiler might have that is causing your boiler to breakdown. Below is a list of problems that you might find if you are having problems with your boiler;

  • Leaking / Dripping – More often if there is a leak on your boiler it will be around the joints, you can find these normally underneath your boiler or around your radiators. It can be hard to pinpoint a particular issues as it depends on where it is coming from but always check as many points as possible.
  • Noises coming from your boiler? – This is never a good sign! If your boiler is banging, whistling and even gurgling sounds they can all indicate different issues, it could mean that there is air in the system, low pressure or a limescale build up. A qualified engineer should be able to diagnose and help get your boiler bak up and running
  • Frozen condensation pipe – Hopefully the beat from the east doesnt hit again, but if it does this year we want to have everyone prepared! If the weather dips below freezing and we experience extremely cold and icy temperatures then you can end up having blocked pips that content to your boiler. Most people put a boiling kettle on this – DO NOT DO THIS as you can cause more damage – always call your engineer who will talk you through the best process depending on where your boiler is situated
  • Radiators not getting warm enough? This is quite a common issue that can normally be easily fixed by yourself. Quite often this is normally something simple like trapped air in your system – we have a full blog written on this to help you


You can always give our lovely office staff a call, we can always arrange for one of our fully qualified gas engineers to come out to your property and help you diagnose what the problem is with your boiler – we might even be able to get it up and running there and then!

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