What is a Combi Boiler?

Combi Boilers… what are they? If you’ve often heard them but not quite sure what they are then this blog might just help you out

A combination boiler, or combi boiler is a small sized boiler that is most popular in residential properties due to the size of the boiler and the amount of space that it saves you. Most homes in the UK have or are changing to a combi boiler as it means that there is no separate hot water cylinder needed

Why should you get a new combi boiler?

Not all people like change, and changing your boiler and hot water system can sometimes be a big thing to some people. CBQ engineers will always talk you through your options, most of the time a combi boiler is the best option;

  • Despite the size combi boilers are still powerful units, they are more than capable of heating your home and hot water system with ease
  • Combi boiler often fit into compact spaces, enabling you to put it in a cupboard or out of sight
  • How water comes through via mains pressure, so not aditional pump or cylinder required (so you can have your loft space back!)

How do combi boilers work?

Combi boilers are one of the most efficient boilers on the market, they remain in a state of standby when there is no demand for heat or hot water. When you turn on a hot water tap, the boiler will activate immediately and produce the heat. This way, there is very little wastage of energy because the boiler does not have to be constantly heating hot water to store in a tank.

What is the cost of a new combi boiler?

There are a lot of factors that can impact the cost of your new boiler installation, things such as the size of your home, what central heating system you have in your home etc. CBQ heating always asses your property to understand what you want to get out of your boiler, where it is to be located and what size boiler that your home needs – using all this information you will then be given your personalised quote, you won’t be surprised with any additional costs – what we quote you is what you pay!

What is the best combi boiler?

CBQ don’t believe that there is such thing as THE BEST COMBI BOILER, but there is the best combi boiler for each specific job depending on what you need for your home. There are many boiler brands out there on the market, CBQ heating stock a variety of brands; Vaillant, Glow Worm, Baxi – however the most popular combi boiler and brand that we fit is Worcester Bosch.

Worcester Bosch 30i Combi Boiler

When you purchase a 30i from CBQ, you can get up to 10 year warranty to reassure and protect against any future issues. Worcester Bosch 30i combi boiler can heat 12.3 litres of water in a minute and comes with an ‘A’ energy efficiency rating, which could save you money on your energy bills along with giving you more space in your property and water on demand!

Pros and Cons of a combi boiler

The pros of using a combi boiler are:

  • The small size of a combi boiler means that they can fit into tight or small spaces – so this can work in most houses!
  • Combi boilers tend to have better energy efficiency than conventional boilers, saving you money over time!
  • Combi boilers are quicker to install- this is due to the there being less pipework. Means less disruption and down time in your house!

The cons of a combi boiler are:

  • A combi boiler might not be the best choice if the property has poor mains water pressure, something you can discuss when we give you a quote if a concern.
  • When a combi boiler has a fault or encounters an issue, there is no backup heater system so the property will be without heating and hot water! This is never fun, but your guarantee will hopefully cover you for up to 10 years.
  • A combi boiler can struggle to produce hot water if more than one hot tap is in use at the same time…

Hopefully this helps, however it is always best to talk things through with one of our fully qualified accredited gas engineers. Give our lovely office staff a call and we can help you out with any questions you have – trust us you can never ask to many!

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