What to expect from your new boiler installation

Boiler quote accepted and work due to start… so, whats next when it comes to your new boiler installation?

It’s ok to admit, most people try and hold off on having a new boiler installation within their home  as long as possible as the prospect of it can be quite daunting!



Our CBQ engineers have listed some of the most common questions and answered them for you;

How long will I be without water?

During your boiler installation, you should never really be without cold water in your property.  If you are changing from a old style system to a combi boiler, the team will spend a lot of time draining the system but this should not require your water to be turned off – nor should a combi boiler installation require your water to be turned off.

Will you need to have access to the whole house?

Different types of boiler installations require different levels of access. If you are having an old system converted to a combi boiler then access will be required to the loft to access the water tank. Also, conversion or a combi boiler swapped for a new A rated boiler then the engineers should require access to radiators within the property.

Don’t be worrying about clearing out all of your rooms in advance of your boiler installation, we will always work around you and try and make it as easy as possible!

How long will it take you and the team?

To try and enable a smooth and quick boiler installation at your property, CBQ heating work look to have enough engineers at your property to complete the job within one day. As you can imagine, this is not as straightforward as that for all boiler installations as some are more complicated than other. When you receive your quote from CBQ heating, the engineer will discuss with you how many days the boiler installation should take to complete.

How soon before I cant use the new boiler?

All going to plan you should be able to use your boiler straight away! Once CBQ engineers have completed the installation of your new boiler they will then spend some time with you taking you through how to use it – then it is over to you!

Will I still be able to use the toilet while you are working in the house?

Would you believe this is our most asked question? Well anyway, the answer is YES!

Trust us when we say you can never ask us enough questions, our CBQ engineers are not only available before and during your boiler installation, but they are also always at the end of the phone should you need to ask any more.

If you have any questions, give our lovely office a call and if they cant help you out there and then they will get someone to call you back the same day.

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